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It’s my job to help you feel empowered, prepared, and as comfortable as possible for a confident and joyful start to motherhood.

Guiding New Moms through the Beautiful Journey of Motherhood

The goal at Four Loves Doula+ is to assist moms-to-be and their families in experiencing birth in an informed, empowered, and satisfying manner, ensuring you feel supported throughout your journey.


Partnering with a Certified Birth Doula and Breastfeeding Counselor elevates your birthing journey. I'm here to support you before, during and after baby comes fostering a positive and empowered birth and postpartum experience.

As a Doula, I  provide emotional support, reassurance, and encouragement to both the birthing person and their partner, if present. I offer a calming presence and can help reduce anxiety and stress during labor.




I am with you throughout your entire labor, providing continuous support. This can be reassuring in a hospital or birthing center where medical staff may have others to care for.




I help tailor the hospital's care to your unique needs and preferences. I can help you create a birth plan and advocate for your wishes. 




As a Doula, I am skilled in various comfort measures, such as massage, breathing techniques, and positioning, to help manage pain and discomfort during labor.




As part of your birth team, I can facilitate communication between you and your care providers, ensuring you fully understand your options and can make informed decisions.




Certified breastfeeding counselors offer educated guidance on breastfeeding, latching, and feeding techniques. I can address common challenges and provide valuable advice to help establish successful breastfeeding.




The presence of a doula and breastfeeding counselor can boost your confidence during birth and in the early postpartum period. I can offer evidence-based options to help reassure you that you're making the best choices for yourself and your baby.




With effective support, you may experience a smoother labor and recovery process. Evidence shows that doulas can help you achieve shorter labor times, reduce the need for interventions, and promote a positive birth experience.




Doulas and breastfeeding counselors focus on your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. I provide holistic care that addresses all aspects of your birth and postpartum journey.




I also support your partner, if present, helping them actively participate in the birth experience. This strengthens the bond between you and your partner.


Enhanced Partner


All about
Four Loves Doula +


Your interest in Four Loves Doula+ inspires me to continue to grow and stay up-to-date on the latest evidence-based information to provide for you. All with the goal of helping you to have a richly satisfying, informed, and empowered birth experience.  

Becoming a birth doula has been a long-time dream of mine.  Having a job in any way connected with childbirth, babies, and families became my dream after doing a labor and delivery rotation when I was in nursing school. I was able to observe and help with many more births than my fellow classmates and I was hooked!  I am fascinated with how our bodies conceive, nourish, grow, and give birth to a tiny human (sometimes more than one!)  After birth, our bodies can provide all the nourishment our newborns need for at least six months.  I believe, as women, we are wonderfully designed and uniquely blessed.   

I am the mother of four adult children and a couple of bonus children, who amaze me everyday, and four grandchildren who are my heart!   When it came to choosing my business name, Four Loves was the first thing that popped into my mind and it stuck!

I am a caregiver at heart.  I've worked in a hospital, doctors offices and a company that provides in home care for the elderly.  My favorite thing about each of those situations was getting to know my patients and their families and provide personal and emotional support, as well as their medical care.  ​

I would be honored to be your doula!  As your doula I will provide you with my support before, during and after birth. You will have my undivided attention when we are together.  Helping you is my passion!

As both a birth doula and breastfeeding counselor, I offer a unique opportunity for us to connect before breastfeeding begins. We can discuss your goals and be prepared for any challenges that may arise. Whether you choose to combine both services or opt for them individually, we'll have ample time to make informed decisions together.​​

Strength that speaks for itself



 Commitment to you is my priority. With one or two prenatal visits, continuous availability during labor and delivery, and an inclusive postpartum visit, I promise thorough support. Additionally, I offer expertise as a breastfeeding counselor to continue the journey.


I offer evidence-based support, providing information and resources rooted in research.  As a member of an online Evidence-Based Birth community, I stay connected to the latest and most reliable information for your benefit.


Your trust is my priority. I maintain strict confidentiality and prioritize our relationship. As your advocate, I ensure seamless decision-making by recalling our discussions when needed, especially during moments when you're focused on self-care and your baby.

What my clients are saying



"Vicki was our doula before we even knew what a doula was.  Her desire and enthusiasm to be with us made it a no brainer to have her with us.  She was excellent company and knew when to visit and when to concentrate on my wife and baby.  When the time came, she was where she needed to be and was very helpful!  Her presence was calming when it needed to be and down to business when it counted."


"When I became a mother to twins, breastfeeding was difficult.  Vicki was incredible help to me when I was at a complete loss for what to do.  Her knowledge, kindness, and tender care was so meaningful to me and I can't thank her enough for the guidance. She also followed up with me a couple weeks after to make sure I was still on the right path and see if there was anything else she could help with.  She is a true gem!"

You may be wondering...


  • What is a Certified Doula?
    The word doula originates from the Greek word meaning "woman servant." A birth doula is a professional support person trained in the needs of the family during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • What is a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor?
    A CBC is an individual; who has been trained and called to serve and support a new mom with her breastfeeding goals.
  • What is the difference between a birth doula and a midwife?
    Midwives are trained professionals who provide care and support to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. They can deliver your baby and offer a range of services to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the newborn. A birth doula is an integral part of your birthing team, specializing in comfort measures and unique support to women in labor and their partners. They provide non-medical, evidence based information, ensuring you have up-do-date guidance. It is important to note that while a birth doula provides invaluable assistance, they do not deliver your baby. Midwives and birth doulas collaborate effectively to enhance your birth experience, aiming to create a satisfying and memorable event filled with joy and serenity.
  • What kinds of birth do birth doulas support?
    Doulas support any and all birth, from midwife-supported births in a birth center to hospital births to scheduled cesarean births.
  • When should I hire a birth doula?
    Ideally, secure your doula by the start of your 3rd trimester. It's advisable to interview more than one doula before making a decision. Opt for someone with whom you feel an easy and natural connection. Doulas often have limited availability, accepting 1 - 3 families per month, so early selection increases your chances of finding the best doula for you that aligns with your due date.
  • What is the role of a certified breastfeeding counselor?
    During the initial days after childbirth, many new moms encounter challenges with breastfeeding. A certified breastfeeding counselor has been trained to assist both new mom and baby in navigating these challenges, helping them to be able to enjoy the closeness and benefits of breastfeeding and achieve their breastfeeding goals. These goals can also be talked over with your breastfeeding counselor and outlined before baby is born.

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